Lib Guide – Guide to Greek Civilization

Greek studies have become a major field of research in Universities and Institutions outside Greece, aiming to gather, manage and communicate scholarly resources to the public.

KU faculty and students of relevant departments, as well as ANAMED’s and AKMED’s fellow researchers have a keen interest in matters related to Greek civilization, which creates the necessity for a wide variety of resources and tools. Suna Kıraç, ANAMED and AKMED Libraries host a rich collections of printed and electronic material, while at the same time, invite the users to participate in the collection development by suggesting useful material.

Within this scope, we created a Lib Guide complementary to the Libraries’ collection that will assist those interested with their research and will further support their knowledge on the subject. Browsing the menu, readers will come across resources that comprise both general interest as well as academic, so that they will be able to synthesize them according to their information needs and professional expertise.

You can browse the Guide here:

We wish you a very successful new semester!


Vasiliki Mole

Suna Kıraç Library



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