New Libguides: Byzantium,the Ottomans & General History

Ottoman Art and Architecture, Byzantine Studies, Ottoman Studies and History are our new Libguides

The Ottoman Art and Architecture, the Byzantine Studies, the Ottoman Studies and the History Libguides, are the new entries in our Libguides collection, created complementary to the Library’s collection to assist those interested with their research and to help them further support their knowledge on these fields. They include material on various topics and the content selected comprises text, videos, podcasts and digital sources. Browsing the menu, you will come across resources of both general interest as well as academic, for you to be able to synthesize them according to your information needs and professional expertise.

To understand one of the long-lasting empires of the history and learn more about the periods of Byzantium history, government, law, economy, culture, daily life, religion, literature, medicine, textile, Byzantine cuisine, this Libguide was curated to assist you by sharing knowledge, by organizing specific resources and by listing useful links, content, pages, for everyone who wants to discover the Byzantine Civilization.

The Ottoman Studies Libguide will introduce to you the history of the Ottoman Empire from 1299 to 1922. Within the main themes of the subject guide, titles address a wide range of topics including the different periods of the Ottoman history, government, law, economy, culture, daily life, religion, art and architecture, performance arts, literature, environmental history, education, medicine, textile, Ottoman cuisine.

Let’s discover the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire with library sources and more!


“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

History is coming from the Greek word ἱστορία, historia, which means knowledge acquired by investigation. It was defined as the study of the past with understanding people’s actions, decisions, interactions and behaviors in a long journey of humanity. For this long journey, we prepared a small guide for Koç University students, faculty, staff and researchers which will assist them with their research. The History Libguide opens pages on the history of the world from the ancient to modern times and focuses on the first permanent settlements and urban centers of the ancient Near East with the Ancient Greek, Roman, Japan, Chinese civilizations. You can also find sources about the Age of exploration, Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, Enlightenment Scientific revolution, French Revolution, Feudal Japan, American Revolution, Nationalism, Industrial revolution and Russian revolution, Great War, Interwar period, World War II and Cold War. This Libguide was curated to assist you by sharing knowledge, by organizing specific resources and by listing useful links, content and webpages, for everyone who wants to discover more on History.

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