Digital Libraries, a Comprehensive Reference

Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries: Design, Development, and Impact, published in Turkey as Dijital Kütüphaneler Araştırmasının El Kitabı: Tasarım, Kurulum ve Etki by Hiperlink in 2020, will be available at SKL library collection soon. Prof. Dr. Doğan Atılgan was publication editor and Hatice Bahtiyar served as editor-in-chief.

This reference book was translated by professionals in the information science and librarianship based in Turkey, one of whom was Senem Acar, digital archivist at SKL. Acar’s contribution in the first chapter introduces the Digital Library System OpenDLib developed in ISTI-CNR to support digital libraries. It addresses the characteristics of the content that this system can manage as well as the system architecture paradigms and technologies used in the development of this system.

Organized by five main topics with their subtopics, overall this book is made up of 58 chapters comprising 656 pages of often highly‐technical text. The scale of this work is very considerable, not just in length and content but also in its truly global authorship involving nearly 130 contributors across the globe along with more than 1,300 references to existing literature and research on digital libraries. Its academic contribution is also not in doubt being the subject of considerable peer review prior to publication.

Recognizing the fact that the concept of the Digital Library is evolutionary rather than created, this volume offers an overarching series of global case studies and commentary on all aspects of the digital library as an academic reference work. Although it was originally published in 2009, through predictions of future trends, examinations of techniques and technologies, focuses on users, interactions, and experiences, this in-depth collection provides developers and scholars with an extensive collection of research articles from the expanding field of digital libraries, making it a convenient method of reference for all IT/IS scholars and professionals.

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