New Student Ambassadors in SKL

Two sweet and talented ladies joined our Library team, as our Ambassadors to KU community. Let them introduce themselves….

This is Asli….


My name is Aslı and I’m a third year student at Koç University. I major in Media and Visual Arts alongside English Language and Comparative Literature. Studying texts, media and literature is my passion in life and therefore I have always found the library to be one of my favourite and most helpful places to be in the University campus. I am very proud to have become an Ambassador for Suna Kıraç Library and I hope I can share my enthusiasm for the library with you all.

And this is Ezgi…

I’m Ezgi, I’m a Koç University student just like you and also a Suna Kıraç Library Ambassador. Why I do what I do is simple, I love it. I love being in the library, going through its shelves, discovering exquisite items probably never examined with such excitement before. Ever since I was a child, I was a book worm and had an everlasting passion about literature. It’s the one passion that I have that endured my university education (just joking) and our library trust me is full of delightful pieces waiting to be discovered hopefully by you. It is quite lucky that our library mostly consists of donations; we have books from the collection of Kemal Türen, Ömer Inönü, Josephine Powell (for admirers of Roald Dahl- I’m one myself), Koç Family themselves and even from Lüsyen Tarhan (Abdülhak Hamit’s wife). We have books in many languages, just last day i found Daphne du Maurier’s famous novel Rebecca in German! Well, back to me, it’s true that I have a busy schedule, I have classes from morning till late in evening, I know how things can get heavy and library can become just a place to study and sleep yet I also know that it is possible to follow your passion and read once in a while. It is too important just to start, just get a book and start reading in the breaks! I myself am a great fan of Charles Dickens, such a delightful social commentary narrated with such a wit, pages fly. I prefer classics mostly but all genre-lovers are welcome in Suna Kıraç Library, we have all genres just come whoever you are. Our “mission” as Library Ambassadors is to make library great again. To be able to do this, we need your help, just find a book (after some time books will start to find you) and see what happens. I will be writing small pieces about my opinions on the books I have read and certain genre-specific lists to give you a place to start. So, why not we all give ourselves a break and pick up where we left off in our books?

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