Erasmus staff mobility program: AUB


Hello everyone,

The Erasmus experience, either on educational or professional level, has to offer much more than people might think. To me is a way to discover something different that will affect my perspective, attitude, norms and thinking.

Participating in the Erasmus program in a country or region close by or far away, bears the same importance and chances of experiencing a different approach at work and everyday day life. Visiting a country of a totally different background and culture of your own, adds more to the overall experience.

Our route this time was Beirut, Lebanon. Burcu Muratoğlu, who is an e-resources librarian at Suna Kıraç Library and I, as a reference librarian visited the American University of Beirut Libraries, particularly the Jafet Library of course within the scope of Erasmus Staff Mobility between on 20th-26th May 2018.

Beirut has become a very mysterious city with its cosmopolitan society for me all the time, so I was wondering what was the life like there especially I read some articles or novels about it. Last but for sure not least, travelling in a different country is a major advantage and challenge, which I wouldn’t want to miss, given the opportunity. We are glad as we experienced this multi-cultural, oldy but goldie city


Downtown, Beirut

Library Staff at Jafet Library

We met these friendly people who work for the Library of the American University of Beirut. I believe that we exchanged very valuable knowledge about our work and what we do at our own home. We are really appreciate what we learnt from our colleagues in the Jafet Library at American University of Beirut. Nowadays, we are hosting a group of Librarians from this lovely Library too 😊 Hope they are enjoying here as much as we did in Beirut. By the way, both university libraries we visited in Beirut have amazing Digital Archives & Special Collections that must be seen surely.

Tobacco-free campus of American University of Beirut

The Library of Usek University

Preservation Lab in the Library of Usek University

Don’t miss Beirut and Lebanese food at all!! Jeita Grotto caves are breathtaking!!! The ancient city of Byblos is a very lovely place!! You should visit Harissa too, and enjoy the amazing statue of Virgin Mary, “the lady of Lebanon” as she is known and the surroundings! Beirut people are so friendly 😊 but as there is no public transportation, use an Uber taxi


All the best,

Suna Kıraç Library
Çiğdem Yıldırım, Reference Librarian
Burcu Muratoğlu, E-resources Librarian

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