American University of Beirut (AUB) Libraries visit Suna Kiraç Library

Colleagues from the American University of Beirut (AUB) Libraries visit Suna Kiraç Library

A Librarian is not one hidden behind books and “shushing” users. Is a professional with diverse interests, one who specializes in information management and retrieval, an entertainer for young Library users, a consultant for researchers, and a fun person who dances behind the desk when the Library is closed.


Thus, there is always a need and a desire to experience new practices, be influenced by a different perspective on the profession, exchange ideas and trends with colleagues, laugh with funny Library stories and be intrigued by interesting research cases and expand his/her network in order to plant the roots for potential collaborations.

Such is also our way here in SKL and that is why we participate often in the Erasmus Staff Mobility programs by visiting other Libraries or hosting colleagues from other Libraries here. A recent case of incoming staff exchange program was organized and held between June 18-22. We hosted eight colleagues from the central as well as branch libraries of the AUB.

Wissam, Mahdi, Nadine, Amer, Elie, Ziad, Shaden and Dunia left Beirut for a week and enjoyed Istanbul and KU campus. Since they are all working in different departments and Libraries, we organized a diverse program that included presentations of all the Library’s departments, in order for them to get an idea of our work here and at the same time share their own experience on similar works and responsibilities. Most importantly, we shared ideas on potential collaborative projects!

Additionally, they had the chance to visit Anamed, our branch Library located in the city center, MEF University and Sabanci museum for joint presentations and tours. While in campus, they had a campus tour guided by Arzu Dalyan, our colleague in the Office of International Programs (OIP).

In between presentations and discussions, we shared information on the best Turkish restaurants, where to taste the best baklava and kunefe, shopping tips and some survival turkish for their everyday interactions while being in the city.

In return, we learned a lot about Beirut and the AUB and we were invited to visit and experience all these ourselves. Just like Burcu and Çiğdem did on May, when they visited AUB participating in the Erasmus+ program.

Bottom line of the week…it’s always beneficial to be introduced to a new person! You never know what you will gain and how much you can teach the other person.

the SKL team

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