A New Librarian from Greece


Vasia in SKLand…

And here I am, in my office. Second floor, Reference team office, liaison librarian, meetings, colleagues, trainings, emails, notes, telephone calls, çay, kurabiye…as if it was yesterday, yet it has been already more than a month!


January brought me in KOC University, as a Reference Librarian in Suna Kirac Library. Quite prestigious, I might say! And quite an adventure, as I’m not a Turk! Day one and I’m so nervous’ new country, new environment, new colleagues, new responsibilities…one step ahead and I’m crossing the heavy door. Bright smiles everywhere! A warm welcome! Friendly people and a hospitable atmosphere! More than 20 persons make sure the SKL ship sails in safe waters and is always ready for the wavy ones, as well.

These days have passed with numerous trainings in all the library’s departments, which gave me the opportunity to get the “inside information” on how things operate, how new projects come into practice, how goals are met and how collaboration runs smoothly. SKL’s staff is qualified, energetic, and active and works towards its users’ satisfaction, by adjusting easily to new trends and seeking national and international collaborations and exchange of ideas and experience.

In the bigger picture, KU seems as a picturesque land, standing with pride over the hill, facing the Black Sea. The academic community enjoys high standard leisure amenities that compliment every day’s hard effort for education excellence and research innovation.

Following a Tazmanian proverb, I will conclude that as “little by little the little becomes a lot”, such I wish for the future in SKLand, regarding my professional growth and expertise.


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