Erasmus at Delft University Library

ERASMUS+ 14-17 May 2019,
Delft Technology University Library, Delft, The Netherlands

I had the opportunity to meet with librarians, academicians and administrative staff from Universities from 10 different countries in a four-day event with the theme: “Visibility of Researcher, International Staff Week for Libraries” which was hosted by Delft Technology University Library last May within the scope of Erasmus +.

TU Delft Library’s mission: free flow of knowledge!

The Library believes that students, researchers and administrative staff are more successful when they can use and share the information they have, and make it a daily work practice with their Open Science Program in parallel with the mandatory of Open Science policy of TU Delft University, with the mission of liberating science.

In this context, the Library uses the PURE research information system, which allows good research to be shared with a reliable archive and research data center (4TU) and supports the university’s Open Education Program.

The library prioritizes three strategic themes to support open science activities: an inspiring learning environment, open science, academic visibility and impact.

Within this framework, the main topic of our International Staff week activity program, which was organized related to the recent popular movement Open Science, was “Visibility of Researchers”. We joined in very efficient presentations, creative workshops, seminars during the week in the following topics and we had nice visits in the campus:

-> Open access at TU Delft University: policy, infrastructure and monitoring
-> TU Library and Learning Center tour
-> Open Science Training: MOOCs
-> Data Stewardship Program at TU Delft
-> Research Data Archive: 4TU.Centre
-> Workshops: Research Analytics (VOSviewer), Open Education Resources
-> Seminar: “Are you ready to publish reproducible research?”
-> PURE-Institutional Repository
-> Workshop: 10 tips for managing research data services
-> Visit to New Media Center/ Porcelain factory / museum

I believe that the information I had in these meetings that covered the above-mentioned general framework, will contribute to the development of a Research Data Management pilot project that we intend to launch in Suna Kıraç Library within the framework of the Open Science policy recently approved by Koç University.

The group enjoyed a dinner and a visit to the traditional Porcelain factory / museum where we enjoyed and learned a lot from each other, so many thanks to the event coordinators Esther en Odette Bakvis.


Finally, I would like to thank Koç University for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus programs, also our Library Director Tuba Akbaytürk who granted me the necessary permission and TU Delft Library staff who contributed to the International Library Staff Week’s activity program.

Best wishes,
Çiğdem Yıldırım
Research Liaison @Suna Kıraç Library

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